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Nancy's Waves Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Nancy's Waves Scarf

My go to pattern.
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Dr. Who Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Dr. Who Scarf

Why, yes, this is a 12-foot-long scarf!

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Splash Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Splash Scarf

Making a Splash (scarf)
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The Not So Wavy Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Riding the Waves

More like crash and burn.
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Galaxy Scarf with Friday Night Fibers

Galaxy Scarf

It's about time I used my own yarn!
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Cherry Blossom Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Cherry Blossom Scarf

Sometimes things go EXACTLY the way you want them to. Sometimes they don’t.

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Purple Handwoven Wrap by Sharpin Designs


Did someone say purple?
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Angel Hair Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Weaving with Angel Hair Yarn

Playing with wrap and weft to compare results.
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MadTosh Advent Calendar 2020 Scarf by Sharpin Designs

Mad Tosh Advent Calendar 2020 Scarf

What did you make with your Mad Tosh 2020 Advent Calendar?
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New Pattern: Wrapped in Stitches Scarf

New Pattern: Wrapped in Stitches Scarf

Maximum texture and color with minimal effort.
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Phoenix Scarf made with Friday Night Fibers
Boho Scarf Necklace by Sharpin Designs

Boho Scarf? Necklace? NARF?

Is it a scarf or a necklace?


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