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Starry Night Crochet Hooks
Midsummer Joy Crochet Poncho Pattern

Fabulous Poncho Pattern

Is it bad that I want to keep this one?
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Birdbrain Toucan Crochet Hat Pattern by Sharpin Designs

More Birdbrain Hats

I may be stuck on a theme here...
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Look! I Made an Afghan!

Look! I Made an Afghan!

And it's FABULOUS!
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Crochet Ornaments

Ornaments or Baubles? What Do You Call Them?

Who cares as long as they are cute!
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Dragon Hat
Frankie and His Bride Crochet Pillow Patterns by Sharpin Designs

Frankie's Gal

A lovely couple.
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Pico Bandito Shawl in a Ball

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

I actually used some of my stash.
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Sneezy Grandpa Tissue Box Cover Crochet Pattern by Sharpin Designs

And Then Grandpa Came Over

Nose hair is underrated.
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Sneezy Guy Tissue Box Cover Crochet Pattern by Sharpin Designs

Bless You!

Making the flu a little more fun.
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Lion Crochet Pillow Pattern by Sharpin Designs


A lion you can snuggle up to.
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Rainbow Crochet Beanie

A Double Rainbow

Nothing like jealousy between cousins.
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