Starry Night Crochet Hooks

Starry Night Crochet Hooks

I love it when two hobbies merge. In this case, my love of crochet and polymer clay combined to make starry night hooks. I've always wanted to give this a try, (especially because I've spent quite a bit buying these over the years), and I'm happy with the results.

Have you ever tried a hook wrapped in polymer clay? If not, it's worth it. Not only are they fun, they are more comfortable to work with. I have carpel tunnel and I find the smaller hooks nearly impossible to use. But, once wrapped to make the handle bigger, I have no problems at all.

Of course, these work better if you use the knife hold versus the pencil hold.

These will make their debut at #DFWFiberFest in April. Come see me and check them out!

Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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