Pico Bandito Shawl in a Ball

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Those of you that bead, crochet, or knit with me know I pretty much stick to a single color pallet - black, grey, silver, gunmetal. Beads or yarn that have multiple colors definitely grab my attention - and some of my money - but it's so HARD for me to actually use them. Maybe it's because they are too pretty. 

No, that's not it at all.

It's because I like to CONTROL the color placement. (Again, those that know me are not surprised by this).

In an attempt to step outside of my comfort zone, and to knock a significant dent in my stash, I've been intentionally looking for patters that showcase variegated yarns. (Let's see how I do.)

First Up - Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball yarn and the Pico Bandito pattern by Jon Averett (free). I used the Restful Rainbow and Community Coral colorways.

Yarn - I really liked working with the yarn. It had a nice hand to it and was easy to work with- no splitting. I had enough in one ball to make two shawlettes. 

Pattern - LOVE IT! Super easy, super quick to work up, and notes that help you tailor it a bit to get the look you want. I can see continuing with the entire ball to make a large wrap.  Definitely a good pattern to have for quick gifts.

Pico Bandito Shawl in a Ball

Pico Bandito Shawl in a Ball

Pico Bandito Shawl in a Ball

Happy Hooking!


Care Sharpin

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