Rainbow Crochet Beanie

A Double Rainbow

Ya'll probably remember a few weeks back when I posted about my sister's oldest daughter getting upset because she had to pass down her favorite hat to her little sister. To restore peace to the household I whipped up a replacement version, but it had to be a rainbow.

Well, there's even more to the story.

As I was working on the replacement hat, my youngest son got really excited. I mean REALLY excited. He assumed that the hat was for him. When I informed him it was going to one of his cousins, he got really quiet. After a few minutes he informed me that I NEVER make anything for him (not true, but that's another post . . . or ten).

I offered to make him a rainbow hat too.

He agreed.

Then proceeded to come up with all kinds of crazy requirements on what the hat should have.

I sat him down with the iPad and had him browse through several hat patterns on Etsy. He found one he liked. I then had him pick his colors. What you see is his new rainbow hat. He seems happy - he never takes it off.

Rainbow Beanie

The "Color Dip Beanie" is designed by TheHatAndI over at Etsy. (Pattern here). This pattern was fun to make and I was able to complete it in one evening. TheHatAndI also has some other cute patterns in the shop, so be sure to check them out.

Happy Hooking!


Care Sharpin

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