The Sweater Project

The Sweater Project

In my last update I revealed that by beloved sweater will get a new life. After a lot of thinking I decided to do something with soft colors and flowers. As you can probably guess by the picture I've decided to try and work with cherry blossoms. I've always loved those flowers and each time I get to be around them they seem so magical. Of course, the fact that they are pink helps a lot too.

So, with inspiration in hand the next step was to try and figure out how I wanted to lay this all out. I found this picture by googling "Cherry Blossom Drawing" and decided to use it as my launch point.

Cherry Blossom Drawing

TIP: Whenever I get an idea of something I want to design, I google a drawing or cartoon version of it. For some reason my brain can see the various elements I will need to make the vision come to life.

My next step was to try and figure out how I want to place the elements on the sweater. Here's my current sketches of the front and back. I'm not completely married to this as the materials tend to form their own opinion as I work with them, so we'll see how it ends up looking.

Sweater Sketch BackSweater Sketch Front

The left is the back and the right is the front. I have not yet decided if I want to do anything on the sleeves or the color. We'll see how it goes.

Next step: Get busy! My first task will be to lay down the limbs.

Craft Joy!


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