Repekka Bird Buddy Chicken Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Sharpin Designs

Meet Repekka

I really, REALLY, wanted chickens this year. Hubby said "next year." 

Sigh. What's a girl to do?

Well . . . make your own, of course!

Meet Repekka. I admit that I totally stole that name from one of my friends who has a chicken named Repekka. How perfect is that name? I also considered Pekky Sue, Eggster, and Egga May, but I digress.

Repekka is the latest addition to the Sharpin Designs bird buddy line and she happily joins her flamingo and peacock buddies. She's a lot of fun to make and I will admit to lots of giggles and smiles from me and my family as she came to life. She sits up on her own and I'm having fun moving her around the house to surprise everyone.

The pattern for Repekka is available on this site as well as Ravelry and Etsy. As usual, the pattern is only $5.00.

Happy Hooking!


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


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