Pom Pom Creature Free Pattern by Sharpin Designs

Pom Pom Creature

Have you seen those fur pom poms that are designed to accent your crocheted or knitted accessories? They are SO super soft and they come in so many colors. If you have no clue what I'm speaking of, do a google image search for "fur pom pom" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Every time I go into a yarn store I consider getting one. Why? I don't know. I'd never actually use it for its original purpose.

This weekend, however, I decided to take the plunge. There was one that just sort of "spoke" to me and asked to go home with me. So, I bought it.

Now what?

After petting it for a few minutes, (okay, hours), I decided it should become a creature. Meet "Fidget." He was super easy to make and I knocked him out in about an hour.

1. Crochet or knit a circle that fits your pom pom. In my case I crocheted 6 rounds total. It was enough to cover the snap that was on the pom pom and line up with the body center so I could sew it on.
2. Add two safety eyes.
3. Embroider the nose.
4. Crochet or knit two antennae. I chained 18, slip stitched in the 5th chain from hook and all the way back to the beginning of the chain. Attach antennae to the back of the face.
5. Sew the face onto the center of the pom pom. You may find this tricky if you are dealing with a snap or button in the middle, but do your best. It won't show anyway if you use a yarn that blends well. My nose ended up popping out a bit because of the snap, which I thought was super cute. If you don't have a snap in yours, consider adding a bit of fiberfill or other stuffing to get that same look.


Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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