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New Pattern: Windows

Over the years I've had the opportunities to travel for my job - a LOT of travel. One of my favorite things to do was to look out of the hotel at night and see all the buildings lit up. They were these perfect, dark shapes towering high with hundreds of windows - some lit, some dark - but all with different stories. I use to wonder what went on behind those windows, about the person that sat in the office or the family that was staying at a nearby hotel. 

I always found it to be a humbling experience. When you realize just how many people there are in the world doing their own thing and living their own lives, it made me feel sort of smaller somehow. Still important but a smaller part of a much bigger picture.

I switched jobs and now don't travel as much, but I still remember sitting in my hotel room staring out in all those different cities. I decided to tray and recreate that memory with crochet.

My new patter is called Windows and incorporates the color cakes yarn that is so popular right now. I think this would also be striking in shades of grey to white or with high contrast colors. I could also see reversing it and making the panes light with the windows dark. I chose to make it wide with a shorter width - like a shrug, but it would also look fantastic longer and skinnier as a scarf. Lots and lot of options!

What would you version of Windows look like? You can find the pattern on this site, in my Ravelry store, and in my Etsy shop. 

Happy Hooking!


Care Sharpin

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