Isadora Wrap

Isadora Wrap and Shawl in a Ball

I'm still trying to play outside my comfort zone and work with more color in my crochet pieces - especially variegated yarns. I am SO drawn to them but never seem to actually use them in any projects. For some reason I like to control all the color placement. So, when I find a pattern that is suited for working with my lovely yarn collection, I jump on it!

This lovely - and easy - pattern is by Jenny King and is called Isadora. To get it started is a bit tricky but worth it so you don't have a seam. However, she does offer an alternate start if you don't want the frustration from the first couple of rows.

I love the different ways you can wear this piece. I used the entire ball of yarn, so it is a bit longer than what the pattern suggests, but I like it that way.

Isadora Wrap

Isadora Wrap

There may be another one of these in my future. I have some lovely Italian yarn that I've been hoarding.

Happy Hooking!


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