Halloween Pillow Crochet Pattern Bundle by Sharpin Designs

Halloween Will Be Here Soon!

I love Halloween. I love dressing up (why, yes, I STILL dress up), making costumes for the kids, and seeing what everyone else is dressed as. Going around and seeing how everyone has decked out their homes is a blast too. Oh, and the free candy, who can forget that?

A few years back I decided to start making holiday-themed throw pillows and Halloween was one of the first places I started. Pumpkin Jack was a logical place since he's reversible and works for Thanksgiving too. This year I think I may add a bride for Frankie, so that pattern will be available next month.

In the meantime, it's mid-August so it's time for you to start working on your couch creatures. To help you get started, I'm offering a bundle sale. You get all four patterns above for the price of three! Spooky, eh?

The deal is available on this site and in my Etsy and Ravelry stores, so get hookin'!

Happy Hooking,


Care Sharpin

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