Chenille Stitch Bracelets

A Short Wrap

I use to bead weave like a mad person. I would complete a project within one or two days and quickly move onto the next. I just could not get enough and I wanted to make everything I saw. A few years ago I started slowing down a bit and getting more focused. I think it was timed when I started crocheting more. I still love to bead, but I find I'm more selective in what I do now. I've also started limiting my color pallet to what I love - black, silver, black, gray, black, white, black . . . 

When I saw the "It's A Wrap" bracelet by Bekki Haliey of, I knew I wanted to make it. I've actually had the tutorial for quite some time, but I knew it was time to dust it off when my local bead society decided to do it together. 

Her version is two separate bracelets, each made to wrap around the wrist multiple times. Where I have magmatamas, she uses drop beads. Her versions are simply gorgeous and it's worth an image search to see her work.

Rather than making the long versions like she did - because I never seem to wear the wrap bracelets I made - I decided to make two much shorter versions. Here are some more pics.

Chenille Stitch Bracelet

Chenille Stitch Bracelet

Chenille Stitch Bracelet

This was a quick project to work on with fantastic results. The best part is the tutorial would easily work for other projects, such as long chains. 

Happy Beading!


Care Sharpin

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