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Silver Clay Projects

This past January I had an opportunity to attend the Texas Bead Retreat. One of the classes I took was working with silver clay, During that class I made a cross, a bunch of tiny stars, and an oval-shaped pendant. Well, I'm happy to report that two of the three have turned into finished pieces! 

With the tiny stars I went back to my chain mail roots and did a shaggy loop chain. I love how that weave moves when you wear it. I had an awesome pink druzy clasp that I used to finish it off. It's so much fun to wear.

For the cross I wanted to keep it simple, but wanted more than a basic chain. I did a simple RAW stitch and added a simple clasp.

PMC Star Bracelet

PMC Cross Necklace

Working with silver clay is on my list to try again. I was very pleased with the results and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Happy Beading!


Care Sharpin

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