T-Rex crocheted by Sharpin Designs

Who Doesn't Love Dinosaurs?

T Rex Head
One of my neices is SO into dinosaurs. How into them, you say? When we last visited she talked non-stop for over an hour detailing the plot of "Land Before Time." I can tell you EXCATLY what happened to Littlefoot and all his pals, and I've NEVER seen the movie. 

Also she becomes her alter ego - T-Rex. When she does that she draws up her arms into her chest, bends over at the waist, and walks around on her tip toes growling. It matters not if she's at home, at the shops, on a hike - it just sort of happens. Her impression is so dead on people know immediately what she is. 

How could I not make her a T-Rex for Christmas?
T Rex Front
Thankfully, one of my favorite designers always has the perfect pattern. T-Rex is probably the 5th or 6th pattern by Paola Navarro at DeliciousCrochet.com that I've made, but I believe I own a dozen or so more. Her designs are jaw-droppingly cute and her instructions are perfect. I was surprised at how quickly this guy worked up. As usual, I super-sized him a bit by doubling the yarn and using a larger hook.  I also exaggerated the teeth and used a doll join for the legs and arms so they would move. I do the doll join for all my stuffed toys now as I think it brings them to life even more.

​Those feet give me a giggle.

Get your copy of the pattern here.
T Rex Back
Reports from my sister say that T-Rex was a hit. I'm so happy to be able to make these wonderful things for my family.

Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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