Sharpin Designs Noro Tunic

The Tunic that Took Too Much Time

I really hated this project. I kept going because I'm just stubborn that way. Ultimately it came out okay.

Why did I hate it? The instructions were SO difficult to understand. Despite references to "continue to knit" and missing stitch counts, I managed to get the four pieces made and assembled. Where it fell apart was the finishing instructions for the neckline.

Ultimately I had to improvise BIG TIME based on what I saw in the pictures. It still doesn't match what it's supposed to look like, but it's done. And it's totally wearable so I'm good.

The yarn was okay. The thicker sections split very easily.

I did say I'm happy it's done, right?

Sharpin Designs Noro Tunic

Show me your projects that, more than anything, you are glad they are DONE!

Craft Joy!


Care Sharpin

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