Steampunk Ruffles Wristers

Steampunk Ruffles Wristers

You know you want a pair. No wait, you NEED a pair! When I saw this pattern by Regina Weiss of Morale Fiber I knew I had to have some. (um, actually several).

The instructions were clear and they worked up in a couple of nights,. I did struggle a bit to find the ribbon yarn in any of my local shops, but lucked out and found it on the Willow Yarns website on sale. I may have bought 2-3 skeins of each color, but that's another story.

I've played around wearing these a few different ways, and I can see even styling these more as fingerless mitts. I think these will make fabulous gifts for any divas you may have in your life.

Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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