Rosette Fingerless Mitts Crochet Pattern by Sharpin Designs

New Pattern: Rosette Fingerless Mitts

I love fingerless mitts, roses, and sequined yarn, so what's better than creating a pattern combining all three?

The yarn is Yarn Bee Diva Sequin, which is discontinued. I feel in love with this yarn and was so disappointed when it was discontinued, but I still have a bit in my stash as it is my favorite to use for the Nancy's Waves scarf. I still had about a half a ball left of this colorway, so I decided to put it to good use.

What I like about my mitts patterns is that they are worked flat. This means they are easy to customize to get the right fit, so there's no waiting until you are done to check the size. The embellishments are added at the end, so you can add as few or as many as you like. Or, you can even place them in a different area!

What's also nice about these is they are reversible. You can wear them with the rosettes on the top near your fingers or on the bottom near your wrist. 

If you'd like to make some of your own, the pattern is available on this site, my Ravelry store, and my Etsy store.

Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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