Bead Love


This month I attended the Texas Bead Retreat in Temple, Texas. It's an annual event that has been going on for at least 15 years, and I started attending about 4 years ago. It's always a ton of fun with lots of men and women who share the love of beads, gems, beadweaving, laughing, and general merriment.

The past year or so my focus has been more on my crochet work, so I knew I needed to find a project that I could use to "get back into it" and finish during the weekend. The #beadlove project was the perfect fit. Plus, add in anything designed by Marcia DeCoster and I'm sold.

Marcia has set up a blog where she offers the free instructions as well as a gallery of the letters that have been completed by other beaders. It's amazing to see how everyone's letters are turning out. So inspiring!

With #beadlove,

Care Sharpin

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