Double Pom Pom Hat crocheted by Sharpin Designs

It's a Rainbow...Hat

When I learned my younger sister was expecting several years back, I immediately embarked on the largest crochet hat campaign you can imagine. Over the course of her pregnancy I made something like 30 hats. I'm not sure why I thought a newborn needed 30 hats, but I just could not stop. There were animal hats, pink hats, owl hats, white hats - you name it.

My niece has outgrown most of the hats and now her little sister has taken them over. I received a text showing the youngest one wearing a version of the above hat with pink & green stripes. The smile on her face was to die for. The next picture was of older sister with a big tear in her eye. That was immediately followed by a plea to make another pom-pom hat - this time in rainbow colors. Of course there was no way I could refuse such a heart-felt request!

I pulled out my prior pattern - "Double Pom Pom Rectangle Hat" by Kristi Simpson. I was not surprised at all to learn she had included multiple sizes of the hats in her pattern. Using her finished measurements based on the size I wanted, I was able to quickly design the above hat and whip it up over a weekend. In addition, Kristi includes detailed instructions in SC and DC to follow along.  I've purchased several patterns from Kristi over the years - especially when I was first venturing out into making something other than blankets and scarfs. You can check our her Etsy shop here.

Happy Hooking!

Care Sharpin

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