Hand Dyed Wool in Friday Night Fibers Colorways

Friday Night Fibers Colorways Now Available in Hand Dyed Wool

Are you a rug hooker? Felter? Collector of warm and yummy fabrics? Then you may love my new line of hand-dyed wools in our most popular Friday Night Fibers color ways. 

I picked up rug hooking this year and feel IN LOVE. I've made only a few projects and love how quickly they work up. I knew I wanted to create something in my own cocktail-inspired colorways. I was thrilled with how they turned out. 


Fruit Tingle

Hookah Butterfly


Each one-yard cut of wool is dyed using the same process as our yarn, so they turn out with lots of color variation and movement. These look great as you work with them and the wool does all the shading work for you. You can buy these by the Fat Eight, Fat Sixteenth, or 8 cut strips. Colors available include Pink Lady, Hookah Butterfly, Fruit Tingle, Santa's Helper, and Manhattan.

I'm already thinking about the next colors to do. Which Friday Night Fibers color way is your favorite?

Craft Joy!


Care Sharpin

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