Fabric Twine Wreaths by Sharpin Designs

Fabric Twine Wreath

It didn’t take long for me to find a project…

Since you saw my last post I’ve become a little – obsessed? – with making fabric twine. I’ve found TONS of projects I want to try, but decided to start with a wreath. I’ve made two so far but I’m certain there are more in the future.

The twine I used to make the white wreath came from a lighter-weight cotton, so I was a bit disappointed that you can see the wire frame through it. NOTE TO SELF: Spray paint the form next time.  I was also pulling the twine pretty tightly.

With the multi-color wreath I relaxed and tried not to be so rigid. In fact, I let some of the knots and frayed edges show. I like this one much better.

Now, what project to try next? Maybe baskets?

Care Sharpin

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