Armadillo Pillow Crochet Pattern by Sharpin Designs

Armadillo Pillow - Bolster Pillow Crochet Pattern

When we moved to a more rural location last year we acquired a bit more property that has allowed us to see more wildlife. We've experienced foxes, bobcats, skunks, rats, opossoms, birds, squirrels, and really BIG spiders. My favorite by far has been the armadillo. Yes, I know they are considered pests and we work diligently to keep them out of the flower beds, but they crack me up. The way they move as they waddle through the yard - especially when they run. I suspect that is how I look when I run.

Prior to seeing them live I'd only ever seen them dead on the side of the road. In Texas, that's a pretty common thing. 

I decided I wanted one, but hubby said "no." He sort of drew the line at my rescuing squirrels. Undaunted, I knew that I could make one for myself. Thus the planning began.

He's taken over 6 months from inception through design to realization, but he's now ready for his debut. He's HUGE - 41 inches long from nose to tail - but he's AWESOME! I've had so much fun carrying him around with me and watching hubby roll his eyes.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is his name. I've had some great suggestions so far but nothing has quite fit yet. What do you think? What would you name him?

Oh, and if you want your own Dillo Pillow, the pattern is available on this site, Etsy, and Ravelry. He's a lot of fun to make and you get to try out some surface texture techniques that really bring him to life. The cool thing is, since it's a pillow, perfection is not required.

Happy Hooking!



Care Sharpin

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