Sneezy Trump Tissue Box Cover and Eyeglass Holder Crochet Pattern


After I made Sneezy Guy, my husband asked me to make one for him. But, he wanted it to resemble Trump. Challenge accepted. Hubby watches a lot (I mean A LOT) of political shows on all the channels. Sometimes it gets to him and he needs a tissue to wipe his eyes. He's also always losing his reading glasses. Since making this and placing it next to my husband's remote, I've caught him talking to Trump a lot - sometimes in a "good job" way, sometimes in a "what were you thinking" way. I may need to pay the TV company to "mistakenly" turn off my service for a few years.

At any rate, if you too would like your own Trump Pal to hold your tissues and keep track of your glasses, then this pattern may be what you are looking for.

This pattern includes:
- Step by step instructions in U.S. terminology
- Photos that show each step
- Permission to make and sell as many finished items as desired provided that design credit is given to SharpinDesigns.

Please do not copy or redistribute the pattern. NOTE: This is for the PDF pattern only and not the finished item.