Fleece Rug Hooking Frame Cozy

The best thing about rug hooking? All the beautiful designs you can make and how quickly they work up.

The worst thing about rug hooking? Those frames will bite you!

My grandma always said it isn't really handmade if there isn't a little blood on the project, but I personally prefer to work injury free. Now you can with these frame cozys. Made of fleece, (washable, sturdy, and non-shrinkable), you place them on your frame after you have put your project in place. Not only does this protect your hands and arms while you work, it gives you a place to store any needles or your magnet for keeping your scissors and tools handy.

I have both the large frame and the octagon frame pictured and they fit both very well. I've also tried these on the smaller frames which measure 59" in the perimeter and they fit. If you need a different size, let me know and we can do a custom order.

The items in this listing are premade and ready to ship.