Crochet Patterns

Want to create something that will make you smile and bring giggles to your friends and family? Looking for something truly unique for a special gift? Want to stretch your skills in a non-stressful way? Sharpin Designs patterns are just the thing you need. Craft something special!
Crochet Patterns
85 results
Circle Asymmetrical Vest Crochet Pattern
Crochet Chicken Pillow Pattern
Birdbrain Toucan Hat: Crochet Toucan Hat Pattern
Crochet Santa Pillow Pattern
Flat Cat Crochet Pillow Pattern
Circle Pop Fingerless Gloves Pattern
Medusa's Handbag - Snake Purse Crochet Pattern
Lion Crochet Pillow Pattern
Crochet Elf Pillow Pattern
Crochet Princess Pillow Pattern
Birdbrain Turkey Hat: Crochet Turkey Trot Hat Pattern
Asymmetrical Vest Crochet Technique Guide Pattern
Goat Crochet Pillow Pattern
85 results