Robust Rendevous Simplified

Working on UFOs

We all have them. Those Unfinished Objects that taunt us from their respective corners, begging us to pick them up and finish them for once and all. It's funny because, when I first started beading and crocheting, I swore I would never do that. Fast forward a few years and they are everywhere. Some of it stashed so long ago I don't even remember them.

This particular one is from a class I took a few years back with Shelly Nybakke called "Robust Rendezvous." Shelly is an amazing teacher and fun to be around, so if you ever get a chance to take one of her classes I highly recommend doing so.

During class I managed to do about three of the "loops" you see on the front of the necklace. I had a different class the following day so this was stashed away to be worked on later. A few weeks ago I found this again while looking for some projects to finish up at a bead retreat I attended. I was super excited to see this one as I really wanted to finish this. While Shelly's original design is stunning, I knew I wanted something a bit more simple, so I made some modifications to suit my taste.  I call mine "A Simple Rendezvous." since it's much less complex than Shelly's.

What was really cool about her instructions is I picked up several components from it that I plan to use it future work. In fact, I used the clasp for a piece I also finished up this week (more on that later).

Robust Rendevous Simplified

Hope you like it. I'm off to tackle some more UFOs this week!

Happy Beading!



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