Uh Oh! I found another thing I like doing.

Uh Oh! I found another thing I like doing.

So I’m innocently hanging out at my local yarn store working on a project. (Yes, I was there CROCHETING and NOT BUYING for a change.) Anyway, I’m just hooking along and a lady sitting next to me asks, “Do you know how to do mosaic crochet?”

I have never heard of it, so I immediately put my work down and start searching on my phone. Hours later (really – it felt like only a moment) I emerge transfixed and ready to give it a try.

I found a couple of resources on YouTube that were very helpful. I used these to make my first three samples.



Verdict? I am intrigued and am ready to make something bigger than mug rugs. However, I am NOT good at reading the charts. More practice is needed in that area.

Have you given mosaic crochet a try? What is your favorite pattern?

Craft Joy!


Care Sharpin

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