Cherry Blossoms

The Sweater Project - Flowers are Blooming!

The flowers are blooming!

These have been so much fun to make and to attach to the sweater. I've been calling them potato chip flowers because you can't make just one! 

Pile of Crocheted Flowers

The pattern for these cuties is by the Make and Do Crew and can be found here. They work up very quickly and are easy to do. I like how the contrasting color used to attach the flower to the sweater makes it pop. I think adding beads in here would be a nice touch. Hmmm...Maybe next time.

Cherry Blossoms Attached

I'm not sure how many of these I've made as I'll work on a few, attach them, and make some more. I'm only spending about an hour each day between meetings to get them done.

To attach them I'm just using a simple stitch and working around the piece as I go. I started at the bottom of the sweater and worked my way up. 

Cherry Blossoms Attached

Hopefully I'll have this knocked out in a few more days. I am very happy with how it looks so far.

Joyful Crafting!


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


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