The She Shed - It Begins

The She Shed - It Begins


A long-time dream is starting to come to reality! I have always been fortunate that I've had my own space for my creative endeavors, but over the years as I've accumulated hobbies and supplies, that space has become disorganized and chaotic. It also shares my home office, so, needless to say, after sitting in there working 8-10 hours a day, I am ready to get OUT rather than hang around to do something creative.

I've longed for a space that was dedicated to my hobbies, that could stay organized, that gave me a way to display my supplies in a manner that would be inspirational. I use to have that kind of space in a prior home, and it was fantastic. Free of clutter and distractions and with all my supplies and finished items on display - it was truly a blessing.

Fast forward to a new home, another kiddo, more animals - well, I got squeezed out. Now I work/play/store in the same space and it's just not working anymore. So, this holiday season we decided to take the plunge and get me an official she shed!

Sharpin Designs She Shed

As you can see there is work to be done to get her ready, but just being able to envision it has been super exciting. The shed is 24' deep x 12' wide and features a 4' porch. There are four windows total, so plenty of light.

I've already been planning the design (and, I will admit, shopping), and hubby has already put the project plan together to bring it to reality.

I am so blessed and I cannot wait to share the transformation with you.

With friendship,


Care Sharpin

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