Sharpin Designs Trailer

The New Show Trailer

Hey ya'll! I am tickled to show you my new trailer!

I decided a few months ago that making multiple trips with multiple cars to bring in all the displays, tables, chairs, and merchandise for the various shows at which we exhibit was getting exhausting. After watching a few other vendors to see how they did it, it was clear I need a trailer. Thus the search began.

I found a white trailer in great condition and snapped it up right away. I mean, this thing looked like it was never used. I got it for a steal and immediately began plotting on how to wrap it. I knew I wanted something fun and crazy that could work as a back drop if I ever did a pop up show.

How did I do?

Sharpin Designs Show Trailer

Sharpin Designs Show Trailer

Sharpin Designs Show Trailer

Sharpin Designs Show Trailer

I had the team at take my concept and come up with the design. They also installed all the graphics. From the time we started the process until delivery only took a couple of weeks. They did fantastic work and I highly recommend them. The guys there said that, while it was in their shop, several others asked for similar designs for their trailers. Does that make me a trendsetter? HA!

Vince said he got a lot of attention on the drive home. I'm thinking we need to just start driving around as advertisement.

Happy Trails!



Post Update: We used the trailer for our recent move and got a ton of attention. So she's working for us!

Care Sharpin

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