DFW Yarn Crawl - Having a BLAST!

Today will mark day 4 of the annual DFW Yarn Crawl. So far I have had a total BLAST hanging out with #YarnandYou, #FancyFibers, and #CraftingMyChaos. It has been great to see and speak to people again live and in person. While I am there as a trunk show vendor, I must admit to my fair share of shopping. Oh my goodness - so much shopping! And there may be a few more hobbies I would like to learn such as spinning, weaving, punching ...

Have you been out crawling yet? If not, get to it! The event continues through Sunday, September 20th so there is plenty of time. Support your #LYS Local Yarn Shop and hug some yarn during this event. You won't be disappointed.

Craft Joy!


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


Care Sharpin


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