Sheep Portuguese Knitting Pins by Sharpin Designs


Remember a couple weeks back when I spoke about needing a new hobby like needing another hole in my head? Well, um, yeah. I am enjoying the polymer clay thing. A LOT!

I've also taken up Portuguese Knitting (I'm determined to learn to knit someday) as I've heard it helps with those that have carpel tunnel. Well, in order to do that style of knitting, you have to have a special knitting pin. Sure, there's stuff out there, and I did get a few in order to get started. But I decided I needed to make one myself. You know, make something with your newest hobby that can be used with your other new hobby?

I think they turned out cute. I plan to make some in other colors, and I'm sure other animals will come to mind as well.

Joyful Crafting!


Care Sharpin

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